Street Cellular has been in business since August 1990. We were one of the first independents in the County and we aim to provide a complete mobile service for the people of the Mendips as well as the surrounding area not forgetting we ship some of our custom specials all over the world.

The mobile phone industry has changed dramatically over the last few years. As before the mobile phone was considered a tool to speak to clients and how we marvelled at the ability to make calls when out and about! Then came the big ‘texting’ explosion, over 30 billion are now sent globally each month! Now handsets are more multi-media devices than a speaking tool. For example, Blackberry’s with their push email and PDA styled units which can store lots more and surf the internet; some of the top end camera phones are now replacing their camera based equivalents.

Also on offer is an out of warranty repair service and 90% of repairs are done by us here on site. We run extensive “UNLOCK” solutions for a number of different manufactured phones, this also extends to de-branding units from their given network software and replaces it with either upgraded network firmware or the original manufactures firmware which in turn will let the unit run quicker with the added bonus of easier usage.

As well as supplying mobile phones, we also stock a full range of accessories. We are specialists in finding the slightly rarer accessories for our customers; this is a very unique offering as most companies only stock the very latest and this can be tedious to customers if they still like their 2 year old phone! We stock anything from cases to fully installed hands free systems for cars and trucks.

Other product ranges now available include Mp-3 players and Sat Nav’s + accessories for them.

Also, we now stock a few landline telephones, with a couple of really good options for people who prefer the bigger buttons!

Our main aim here at Street Cellular is to provide customers with the best advice on choosing the correct package or mobile even if we cannot supply it.

We offer a friendly service that is knowledgeable and delivered with a lovely warm and welcoming smile, customer service is always our number one priority and we ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with the service that we deliver.

Street Cellular now has expanded their range from mobiles and slid into the forever growing market of TABLETS ….. and we, unlike your Pharmacy can supply them without prescription!!