Street Cellular - 30 Years Of Combined Experience

Street Cellular has been in business since August 1990. One of the first independents in the County and with over 30 years experience we aim to provide a complete mobile phone service, offering everything you may require regarding your mobile phone needs. From sales to repairs, connections to data recovery we can help and advise you on almost any issue you may have.

As well as supplying mobile phones we also stock a full range of accessories. We are specialists in finding rarer accessories for our customers; this is a great offering as most companies only stock the very latest, tedious if you like your 2 year old phone! We stock anything from batteries, Cases, Spare Parts, Rare Accessories, Chargers and much more.

Other product ranges now available include iPod’s & accessories for them, always with the best prices and with a good range. Also, we now stock landline telephones, with a couple of really good options for people who prefer the bigger buttons! We also offer an out of warranty repair service and 90% of repairs are done by us here on site at our Bayliss Centre premises.

Our main aim here at Street Cellular is to provide customers with the best advice on choosing the correct package or mobile even if we cannot supply it. Service that is knowledgeable and delivered with a smile, customer service is always our number one priority, apart from when Max is feeling Grumpy!

Street cellular now has expanded their range from mobiles and slid into the forever growing market of tablets, they range from £99.99 upwards.

We offer a data recovery service, even if the port that you use to input and output the data is damaged!

We can also repair liquid damage depending on how severe the damage is. Please note that the longer you take to bring your liquid damaged phone in the harder it will be for us to fix it.

The mobile phone industry has changed dramatically over the last few years. As before the mobile phone was considered a tool to speak to clients and how we marvelled at the ability to make calls when out and about! Then came the big ‘texting’ explosion, over 300,000 texts are estimated to be sent every second! Now handsets, Tablets, PDAs, Android Phones exist in today’s market. BlackBerry’s with their push email and Tablets which can store lots more and surf the internet; some of the top end camera phones are now replacing their camera based equivalents.

Most Smart phones come with GPS built in and an application that can be bought.

Come and see us today and let us do the hard work for you.